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Coastal Walk Lulworth Cover to Durdle Door

Durdle Door has been a place I have always wanted to visit but never really got round to actually going there, until this year. After hearing the news of the Azure window collapsing in August 2017, I knew that I shouldn't leave it too long, because with natural erosion you never know when it will not be there anymore.

"The views from the top were glorious, the sun was shining, there was a chill in the air and I felt alive"
I picked the 4th January as the day I would visit, because it is a special day for me and one that I feel I should spend near to the water. So what better time than this special day to explore a new coast line, tick an item off my to do list and remember my dad all in one trip.

After completing my morning appointment in Gosport and with my neighbour in tow we set off for the Dorset Coast, neither of us knowing where exactly we were going so I left the navigation up to the iPhone.

The plan was to drive to Lulworth Cove, leave the car there and then walk t…

Back to back holidays

The last two weeks I have been lucky enough to have two holidays back to back. You would think that it was a luxury and how amazing it would be, but to my surprise it has been very tiring! This might be because I haven’t picked the most relaxing, sit by the pool and do nothing, holidays but as I sit here in the airport typing this I am totally shattered. 
The first trip was a week away to Vasiliki, Greece to visit a couple of friends who have moved out there for the summer. Then the second was a little weekend away with my mum to visit Jersey and learn a little bit about my mum’s family history. Also most importantly to see Rozel bay, the place my name was taken from! 
I feel very lucky to be able to make these two trips so close together and it just shows that with some looking around for deals, planning and knowing people in the right place you can see a lot of the world for not a lot and enjoy it with great company too. 

Now it is time to return home, take the car for a service in the…