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Beginner SUP Lesson with AV SUP

After my recent SUP event I realised that my paddle technique shall I say it, awful!! I was
not able to paddle in a straight line and my shoulders took the full brunt of the work, plus there is always room for improvement.

While picking up Mark's new Red Paddle board I got speaking to the guys at AV SUP. First we discussed carbon paddles because I still had an IOU from my birthday and was not sure what to go for. the conversation then moved onto my paddle technique and how it needed work. They pointed out that they had a beginner lesson in a week and although I already knew how to paddle, they would look at my technique and help me with a few pointers.

Sold and I booked myself onto a class!

Sunday afternoon rolled around quickly, and after dropping Mark at the sailing club I drove over to AV SUP at Universal Marina. The wind was a bit on the strong side but that didn't stop us, plus there was a small sheltered area near the pontoons.

Before heading out onto the wate…

April Snapshot

April has been a quiet month for me on both Instagram and in life. After my SUP event in Dartmouth my IBS flared up badly and I have spent most of the month suffering with it.

The Head of the Dart SUP challenge race - you can read about the event for me here and what I packed hereFamily came down to visit, which called for drinks in Maritimo Lounge, dinner in Thaikhun and then brunch the next day at Bill's Visit the Sailing club to watch the Easter racing Went to see Fast and Furious 8 Visited the new Mettricks in Woolston