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My first SUP event of 2017....

Head of The Dart is a SUPing event held on the River Dart in Dartmouth. I first saw this event on
Facebook last year, a friend had ticked they were interested and so I took a peak. At first I thought what a great event, maybe I should do it, but then like everything else I forgot about it and the idea was lost in the back ground noise of everyday life.

Earlier this year the event resurfaced on my news feed and it grabbed my attention, this time I was not letting the idea go. I instantly shared the event poster on my Facebook page and asked if anyone wanted to take part. I got a couple of replies but nothing too serious at first. Then two friends popped up showing an interest but were undecided, lucky for me though they chose to enter. This was perfect because I was a little nervous about driving down to Dartmouth and taking part on my own, also this event has a little logistical nightmare because the start is at Totnes and finishes in Dartmouth, so we could help each other with this.

Brunch at Bills

Bills has become my place to go to for pancakes! I am in love with their blueberry pancakes with fruit...if I could, then I would go there for breakfast every morning.

My first try of them was on the 27th December, Mark and I dropped my mum off at the train station after having a lovely Christmas and decided to try out somewhere in the new part of Westquay. It was early morning and we had not had breakfast so after having a look around, Bills fitted the bill (see what I did there!!).

February Snapshot

Hello! This is my first post in over a month and I have sorted of missed it but have been busy with the gym each night, trying to prove someone wrong. The last time I posted it was 6th February and that was my January snapshot, so here is a look at February and what I have been up to...

What I have been up to: The 6 Nations started, to me this means that spring is on the way and there is bound to be a falling out in the house hold over the England vrs Wales match - luckily for me this year Mark was not home to give me banter over Wales losing!!  February is the month of love with Valentines day, but normally we don't do anything. Although this year Mark surprised me with a dozen red roses delivered to work while he was in the middle of the Atlantic!! This month saw the return of my husband after his first 6 weeks at sea, also I had to learn how to share the bed and duvet again!  I went to the gym almost every evening and started healthy eating, I am determined to prove a doctor wron…