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The Vale Resort Spa day

On the 5th January my sister in law and I went to The Vale Resort for a spa day. This was a chance for me to relax, forget about the previous day and make a fresh start for 2017.

It was back in November that I decided this would be a good idea because I was going to be in Cardiff for the week, and what better way to start this year than with a spa day. I just had to utter the words spa and my sister in law jumped at it and was organising it the next second! As I didn't know where the best place in Cardiff was, I left it to her to organise and book the day.

We picked the New Year Detox Spa Day which was £69pp and this included:
  • Full day in the spa and access to the relaxation zones
  • A 55 minute treatment
  • A light lunch 
  • Robe, towel & slippers
  • Use of the health club facilities

Although a treatment was included we decided that another treatment would be nice, so added it to the day.

We arrived and was greeted by the friendly staff, who handed us our robes, slippers, treatment times and then showed us to the changing rooms.

The staff give new people a tour of the facilities but as I was with someone who has been there before we skipped this part. Once changed and ready we headed straight for the pool to get my first lot of new year exercise in. After 10 lengths of the pool and a lot of chatter we headed for the sauna, jacuzzi and then followed by the steam room.

Before lunch we went to have a lay down on the hot water beds. It took me a few attempts to get used to it but once I managed to get on one and have my feet lower than my head it was a wonderful and relaxing, just laying there listening to the music and water fall in the background was so peaceful.

12pm came around and it was time for the light lunch that was provided as part of the package. It was a buffet style lunch, which had a selection of hams, cheeses, pasta, fruit etc...

Our treatments started at 1:30pm and were back to back, below are the treatments I had and the descriptions from the brochure...

Temple Spa Work It Out Massage 55 mins | £60 Detoxing/muscle workout (Available from January 2017) A detoxifying massage that helps sculpt the body, relieve fluid retention and work out tired muscles. Full body brushing combined with deep tissue, lymph draining massage all help improve circulation, work our knots &tension and start the detox process.

Lipofirm Wrap Treatment 55 mins | £60 Course of four £200 Banish your fat with this highly scientifically proven fat cell reduction treatment which works by breaking down fat cells and aiding the body in transporting released Triglyceride’s through the body’s natural waste processes allowing the contents of the fat cell to be naturally eliminated from the body. Active ingredients are applied topically and are activated by heat to deepen and destruct the fat cells. Whilst the treatment is 55 mins it can carry on working for 72 hours after treatment.

The first one was a great work out and helped relieve the tension I had in my shoulders and made me realise how much tension I have in my legs! The second one was a stab in the dark for me because I was not sure what to expect but still just as relaxing.

After the treatments we went back to relax in the relaxation rooms again before heading home.

It was a perfect day to unwind, welcome in the new year and not think about anything that has happened or going to happen.


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