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Southampton has the Hollywood treatment

I finally made it to my first blogging event and it was attending the Hollywood Bowl VIP event in
Southampton. I was very nervous about going, not knowing what to expect or who I was going to meet, but the whole evening was a great success.

The evening started off by being welcomed by a Marilyn Monroe impersonator who had the look down to a tee, and she brought a great Hollywood feel to the entire event. I picked up my welcome pack and drink before heading off to the VIP section to meet the other bloggers.

The Vale Resort Spa day

On the 5th January my sister in law and I went to The Vale Resort for a spa day. This was a chance for me to relax, forget about the previous day and make a fresh start for 2017.

It was back in November that I decided this would be a good idea because I was going to be in Cardiff for the week, and what better way to start this year than with a spa day. I just had to utter the words spa and my sister in law jumped at it and was organising it the next second! As I didn't know where the best place in Cardiff was, I left it to her to organise and book the day.

We picked the New Year Detox Spa Day which was £69pp and this included:
Full day in the spa and access to the relaxation zonesA 55 minute treatmentA light lunch Robe, towel & slippersUse of the health club facilities

Bucket list #17 - A new watch

Without realising I have actually completed the first item on my '30 things before 30' bucket list!

Number 17 was to get a watch and this was completed on 29th November. It took me months and months to find one I really liked because I was fussy and didn't want it to be too large or small on the wrist. Also I have not had one for years, so was not used to wearing one and didn't want to invest in something I would not wear everyday.

It all began when I was on Instagram one day and saw a friend post a picture of her new watch. I really liked the design, so looked up the brand and found somewhere I could go and have a look to see it in person - Perfect!

Dinner at Thaikhun

All the best things start with a spontaneous decision!

I met my husband after work and we were due to go Christmas food shopping, but instead we decided to have a look at what was open (and not busy) in the new Westquay Watermark. 
We came across Thaikhun and Mark had been talking about this place for a couple of days, so we decided to give it a go as we are both big fans of Thai food. We walked into the restaurant and was instantly greeted by the warm, friendly staff, who ask where we wanted to sit and then showed us to our seats. The waitress who served us that night was very helpful in recommending what was good on the menu and also what cocktails to try. 

A year on from my first SUP outing

A year ago today I went for my first outing on my very own stand up paddle board, this being my second ever outing on one!

It was a cold, dull, wet and windy January day (perfect weather right!?!) but I needed some cheering up after having the week from hell, and what better way than to get out on the water. I always love being by the water, whether on it sailing or next to it watching the world go by. I find it very peaceful and a way to let go of everything on my mind. 

2017 Goals

Happy New Year everyone! 

As it is already the second day of 2017, I thought I better start to think about what I want to get out of this year. I am determined to make something of this blog and myself in the next 12 months!

2017 is starting off with another huge change in my life, but a happier one to last year. My husband is starting a new job, which is going to have him away from home up to 12 weeks at a time. This is going to be a massive adjustment for me, and of course him, because I am so used to having him around and someone in the house. Also I will miss him!