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Look back on 2016

2016 has not been a great year in many respects, it has had a lot of firsts, new chapters, adventures and losses!

Morning of the scattering
For me it started off with the loss of my dear father, which still makes me tear up at the thought of it! While this door closed off a lot of worry, stress, travel back and fourth to Cardiff for hospital visits and most importantly for my mum the taking caring of him, it opened many more challenges and opportunities.

While my mum didn't have to care for my dad anymore it did mean a big reduction in income and the getting use to looking after herself, for the first time in years. The first couple of months were difficult but they became easier as things began to work out in her favour.

For me I had to return to work in the new year to tackle the responsibility I had as an assistant manager and needed to work out Tax Year End planning and team changes! I was lucky to have huge support from everyone I worked with and I made it through the busy period.

18th January was the day we had to say goodbye to my dad and as you could expect it was a horrible day which wasn't made any better by the dull rainy weather. Although it was an emotional day it was lovely to see so many people, many of which I had not seen for a while, attend to say their final fair well. We had decided to hold the scattering later in the year because one it would be warmer to go out on the boat and April seemed like the perfect time as it would have been his birthday, also the opportunity for one of my dads sons to attend, who could not make the funeral.

24th April was a cold sunny morning and we had to set off early on the boat because of the way the tides worked out. Once out there we all said another fair well, had a moment to think and remember. Then we turned around and headed back into Cardiff Bay, this was followed by breakfast with everyone to lighten the mood and warm up!

April also brought the booking of the cruise holiday! The first holiday my mum was able to have for a while but it was not a straight forward process.  To read more about the issues we faced booking it then you can find it here and to read about the holiday itself you can find it here.

2016 did bring some good news in the form of new additions to the family, two nieces, one in June and the other in November. Also in October I started a new job in work which I am loving.

Sunset at Netley Sailing Club
On top of my personal things, 2016 also saw a lot of other people pass away. Every where I looked I would see something about someone, whether it was on TV, Internet or through word of mouth, it would appear no one has had a good 2016.

Then there was the politics, which I wont go into...

So this leaves me to say Happy New Year to everyone and I wish everyone the best for 2017!


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