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Christmas Prep

Less than a week until Christmas and I still have a lot to prepare...there are the presents and wrapping them, food shopping and house cleaning!

This year we are having my mum down from Cardiff and it means that I have to cook a roast dinner! Please bear in mind that the only other time I have EVER cooked a roast was in January this year, when she came down for her birthday.

My husband and I do not normally do roasts, we tend to have an alternative Christmas dinner because he is not a huge fan of them. On top of that I also need to think about dinner, lunch and breakfast for the other days she is down, and snacks and desert and do people do this year on year!?!

This is the second time we have had Christmas as our house and I don't remember last year being this bad! Maybe it is because my mum is down and I feel like I have to do so much to make it special. Although there is a lot going on I am looking forward to having her around because last year spent Christmas it in hospital by my dads bed side.

Me being me I have made a list for everything, there is one for food that we will have each day, then a list of the ingredients for each meal and also a list of stuff I need to do before she arrives. I have them coming out of my ears!

Christmas is a great time of year for family to be together, to remember the ones who are no longer with us and welcome in new people.

Hopefully my Friday I will be able to sit down after work and relax before the chase I will create in the kitchen on the 25th.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!


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