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A bitter sweet story and lessons learned!

It has been an emotional week and a lot of lessons learned, so here goes (deep breath)...

This story actually starts last week when I took my MacBook into Apple because my iPhone 6 would not talk to iTunes or iPhoto. It turns out that since I had updated my phone to IOS 10 that my operating system was now out of date and needed to be updated - Great!
This left me not being able to back up my phone but then to my surprise after looking into my computer a bit more, they discovered that my MacBook was so old that they would not be able to help! I had two choices at this point, back up my computer and try loading the new operating system or just buy a new one. On the basis that mine currently has a cracked screen and broken track pad I chose for the second option and chose to risk not backing up my phone for a week or two. 

That was the wrong choice because only a couple of days later, when I went to do another software update on the phone it decided that was it, no more! During the update it went into a restart loop and my heart sank because after having an amazing birthday I knew that I had lost all my photos because of not being able to back up my phone. I tried the restart technique but nothing, this just left me only able to leave it in the restart loop and wait to speak to Apple the next day, to see what they could do. 

After work the next day I went straight into Apple to see if they could help and after speaking with someone, trying two different computers and several different things it was looking bad. On the final attempt 'error 9' appeared again and my hopes were up of ever trying to get my phone back.

So that was it, my phone was dead and I had lost everything but I hear you say, 'what about iCloud?'...well turns out it was never set up correctly and nothing had been saved from my iPhone 6! Although there was hope to get some photos and stuff back because I would of had everything backed up prior to updating to IOS 10 on my computer, which I could use to restore my new phone up until 2nd October and then anything after that was lost - things didn't seem so bad all of a sudden.

The only down side at this point was that it was going to cost me to replace my phone, but I learned about the Consumer Law and I was informed that I should be able to get a replacement phone (or repair) from the people I bought the phone from. Off I went to Carphone Warehouse to ask to make a claim under the Consumer Law and I hit a brick wall! The guys in store knew nothing, so they phoned their office and they were just as useless. By this point it was late so I went home and decided to call the head office from home (seeing as I had no other phone to use), again I hit another brick wall and they said that they only deal with deliveries and that the store needs to sort this out.

Don't you just hate being passed from one person to the next, from head office to store or store to store - why can't someone just help! 

I had enough for one day so decided to leave this until the morning and then go back into town to talk to someone. Knowing that I would have to get a new phone, I thought that I would have a look at updating the operating system on my MacBook, so I could then at least restore most of my stuff.

But the computer said 'No!' After backing up everything on my computer I went to press install and it came up saying that I could not install it on my computer! 'WHAT!', 'What do you mean...?', 'This can be happening...?' all of this was going through my head and I was about to burst into tears because this was going to be my saving grace, the way I was going to be able to get a lot of stuff back but that hope had just slipped away along with my love for Apple.

I have had an Apple computer since I was little, got an iPhone as soon as I could afford one and I have always loved the brand. This day though was the day that my faith was lost in them. At this point I called it a night and asked my husband to set an alarm for the morning because I still didn't have a phone.

The next day I went back into town during my lunch break to sort this issue once and for all, I also took a little back up with me because I am not the best at arguing a point in a shop. We started in Carphone Warehouse, they spoke to their technicians and who sent us to head office. I asked the lady at the store to call head office and they then told her that we had to speak to Apple, no matter what I tried to do to explain that Consumer Law was with the seller not manufacture, she just wasn't listening. we went across West Quay to Apple for them to tell me that it is with the seller!

Right, enough is enough, at this point I was at breaking point and then when I explained everything to the guy at Apple I broke down. The only luck I had left was that I could upgrade my contract in 4 days time. This also meant that I could go down to a sim only deal, which I was planning on doing with my old phone.  So I stood there, worked out my cheapest and best option and before I knew it I had bought a new iPhone 7 from apple directly. Although the issue with the 6 was not sorted it meant that I would have a phone back and I would not be going through a third party anymore if my phone was to break in the future.

My lessons learned:
  • Make sure iCloud is on and working or back your stuff up somewhere else at all times!
  • Carphone Warehouse doesn't care much for its customers and is all about making a sell
  • Learn more about Consumer Law and note that some companies will put up more of a fight than others - 
  • How much you rely on your phone every day
At the end of all this I got a new phone and a new MacBook, it cost me a lot of time and money but now hopefully in a good place for the future. 


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