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November Snapshot

What a has had its ups and downs but overall not bad.

I hit 100 likes on Instagram, which for me is a small step in the right direction and I have started using my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Please feel free to follow me on all, it would make my year.

I took another leap forward this month by starting to share my blog with family and friends. I am not sure why but I am still a little self conscious about telling people what I am doing but hoping to change this next year.

To round off here is just a snap shot of my November adventures...
I took a last minute trip to Cardiff to see family - came back with a new laptop and a Camera which I am borrowing to see what sort I want to buy! Finally got around to cleaning my necklace - to find out more the blog post can be found hereMy iPhone 6 died on me but it did me I could get the new iPhone 7 :D - again see blog for the story behind thisStarted...and not yet finished...reading Aleph by Paulo Coelho - loving it so far! Took a t…

A personal, meaningful gift!

January 2016 I lost a very special man in my dad! On the same day at the spur of the moment I had a thought that I would get a necklace to mark the occasion, and it would then give me something I could always keep close and remember him by.

So I went on to the internet to see what I could get engraved, and knew that Not on the High Street did unique stuff like this. That afternoon I went through pages and pages of different ideas, until I came across the one!

Personalised 'Her Story' Necklace by Nina Louise

Reasons to love Cardiff

While on the train to Cardiff for a last minute visit I thought I would write a blog post about why I love the city and what else it has to here it is

I am a Welsh girl who grew up in Cardiff before moving to Southampton in 2009 for work and sailing. My family still live there, which means I go back and visit often but over the years the city has developed a lot and every time I go back there is either something new going up, or something old being taken down.

A bitter sweet story and lessons learned!

It has been an emotional week and a lot of lessons learned, so here goes (deep breath)...

This story actually starts last week when I took my MacBook into Apple because my iPhone 6 would not talk to iTunes or iPhoto. It turns out that since I had updated my phone to IOS 10 that my operating system was now out of date and needed to be updated - Great!

30 things to do before 30!

So it is my birthday weekend and that means one step closer to the big 30! So I thought that I would make a list of 30 things I would like to do before I hit 30. (FYI I have 3 years). Although remember that numbers do not matter and you are only as old as you feel and/or act.

Here goes and they are in no particular order:
Visit MaldivesVisit Australia Visit New Zealand Visit IcelandSee the Northern lightsVisit SantoriniVisit the CaribbeanBecome healthier Make something of this blogVisit New YorkDo a transatlantic crossing on Queen Mary 2Explore more on my paddle boardHave dinner at the Hand and FlowersVisit Bermuda  Visit Barcelona Meet new people Get a watch Worry lessVisit ParisVisit RomeGo Skiing/ Snowboarding again Complete the round Hayling Island SUP raceComplete a SUP, Bike, Run event See Niagara FallsGo lay beneath the stars, with no light pollutionBe able to do a hand/head stand with no wallScuba dive the Great Barrier ReefVisit Canada Lay in a hammockEnjoy life! As and when t…

You don't need to go far...

When you say adventure some people might think you have to go a long way from home to be able to find one but I think differently! There is always something to be found on your door step.

To find the adventures around you, you just need to get out, go somewhere new or try something different.  I am very fortunate to have a woodland outside my back garden which is an amazing little space to go and explore. It is ever changing with the different seasons, rain or sunshine.

I use it a lot as a walk through to get to the shop or gym, and I am amazed how there is this little gem in the middle of a built up area.

There is lots of wild life living here, meaning I can wake up the the singing birds, watch the squirrels jump through the trees, also we get the occasional fox in the garden.

Moral of this story is to go out and explore the little things around you, whether that is a new coffee shop, the local park or beach. It is always good to get to know your local area.