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DIY - Pinterest inspired dressing table area

Since the thought of buying our own home I have been searching on Pinterest for ideas on how to style our house.

One of the main areas was the bedroom and the idea of having a dressing table again because before moving to Southampton I always use to have one that my daddy made for me but it was fitted so was not able to bring it with me! If you want to have a little look then here is the link to some of the things that I pinned -

After a wander around Ikea one afternoon, when back in Cardiff visiting family, we came across a table and mirror in one of the set up rooms and I knew instantly that I loved them both together! Unfortunately because we were in Cardiff visiting we didn't buy it and just noted down the name of them both and took a picture, that way were could find it again in Southampton.

Skipping forward several months and we had still not got the table and mirror, also had now been in the house for a good 10 months, so I dragged my husband to Ikea after work and we bought the table! Even though we had not bought them both it was a step in the right direction. As soon as I got it back I was straight up to the bedroom to assemble it. Perfect!

Another couple of months passed by again and I suggested we went to Ikea after work (best way to get my husband to Ikea without to much of a fuss - Saturdays are a big no no) this time we came out with the mirror so the set was complete. I had noticed a few days before that the corner of the bedroom where the table is was a little dark and suggested we needed a standing lamp, so on the same visit we bought one.

I finally had everything but just needed to the mirror to be hung on the wall, and not being the most confident at things like this I had to call in for help. It took only a week this time so last weekend we finally added the final piece to the puzzle. Please see below, with links, a list of everything I used.

Mirror: STOCKHOLM, Walnut Veneer £60
Table: VITTSJO, Black/glass £30
Chair: TERJE, Beech £11
Cushion: JUSTINA, Grey/black £3.50
Lamp: HEKTAR, Dark grey £39 Fairy lights: RAMSTA, Bright white £4.50

There is still some finishing touches needed and the rest of the house but it is a start


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