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DIY - Pinterest inspired dressing table area

Since the thought of buying our own home I have been searching on Pinterest for ideas on how to style our house.

One of the main areas was the bedroom and the idea of having a dressing table again because before moving to Southampton I always use to have one that my daddy made for me but it was fitted so was not able to bring it with me! If you want to have a little look then here is the link to some of the things that I pinned -

Name change and the start of a new adventure

When I started this blog I was not thinking about taking it to seriously and it was just going to be something on the side to get me writing...

But now I have decided to step it up a gear, after having another look online I noticed that the current name 'farrawayadventure' was already taken! It meant that I had to start from scratch and think of a new took me days and loads of different name ideas until I decided on the new one! I hope you like?!

So here is to the start of a new adventure and the start of Adventure Each and Every Day

Until next time

Pom Pom Animals

This all started in April 2016, when I went home to Cardiff one weekend and my mum brought out these pom pom makers and said "try these!"

I picked one up, looked at it and became very confused so I turned to Google and searched how to use pom pom makers. After some research and watching some videos I managed to figure it out. Turns out they are easier than you think and before I knew it I had made a pom pom. 
Once I had mastered the technique I now turned to Pinterest and searched 'pom pom animals' to find lots of inspiration. At the time all I had was yellow wool to work with and as it was Easter I made the first thing that came into my head - A chick and added a prop for effect. 

So with this one complete, I added it to Facebook to have everyone say that they wanted one and requesting different animals. Therefore it was time to go out and buy more wool, and some foam because I needed something to make the feet and mouth with. 

Dubai - 10 things to do in 10 days

Two years ago I was fortunate to travel to Dubai for my honeymoon, we were going to spend 10 days there and wanted to pack as much in as possible. Below are 10 things that we did in our time out there...

1. Burj Al Arab

This beautiful "7 star hotel" is amazing! We knew that we wanted to experience this hotel and thought what better way than to have afternoon tea.

From the moment you arrive at the gate, your reservation is checked before they allow you to continue up to the front door. Once you arrive at the door and take your first steps into the lobby you are greeted by a spectacular water feature but it is not until you go up to the next level can you really take in how jaw dropping the interior is. The bright colours, sunlight coming in from the canvas like covering on the front of the building, the fine details and finally the gold. You just have to sit there for a while to take it all in.

We chose to go for afternoon tea which is served at set times in the Skyview Bar, whic…

Norwegian Fjords 2015

A while back I said I would post something about the cruise I went on back in June 2015 but alas nothing was posted - sorry!

As I didn't do anything back then, I thought I would write something about it now as I am on a roll...

"The Magical Mystery Tour" - Fly med cruise on Cunard Queen Victoria Part two...the cruise

So in part one I spoke about the run up to the holiday and how we got there, now I am going to talk about the holiday and the different ports we sailed into.

First night
As you might know we had been traveling all day and had been up for about 36 hours, but before we decided to call it a day we had to find my mum's brother and wife, complete our safety training and then finally dinner.

When we boarded the ship our room was available straight away, so we wondered off all confused trying to figure out where we needed to go and reading the little map that you get given with your passes. We soon found our cabin on deck 5 and took in the view from our balcony. As our bags had not arrived yet, it was time to take another wander and explore some of the ship, find something to drink and a little snack.

While sitting in the Lido restaurant we hear the announcement that we will soon be called to gather at our muster stations with our life jackets ready for the safety briefing. With that in mind…