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"The Magical Mystery Tour" - Fly med cruise on Cunard Queen Victoria Part one...getting there

My next adventure was taking my mum on a well deserved holiday she had not had one for about 50 years, and the journey starts on a sunny but slightly upsetting day in April.
April 20th I travelled back to Cardiff for the scattering of my dad's ashes. I had travelled up a few days before because it would have been his birthday on the 21st and I had been going up to see him for the last few years, so thought I would do the same this year. It all started in the kitchen at home, when I asked my mum 'Where would you like to go on holiday?' she replied 'Constantinople' or Istanbul to the rest of us!  
I sat and thought about it and wondered if there was a cruise that went there. After looking around I came across a fly med cruise with Cunard on Queen Victoria. Perfect! Athens, Dardanelles, Istanbul overnight, Dardanelles, Rhodes, Mykonos, Athens. After getting all the information together, and checking the passports were in date. I sat my mum down, explained it to her and …

SUP for Cancer - 5th June 2016

Last time I posted I was going on about paddle boarding and how I was going to get one, well guess what...Santa delivered a very lovely pink one!!

I was lucky to get a Paddle for Hope board, which are made to help raise money for Cancer and every board sold will help one person suffering from Cancer on their way to recovery.  It's vibrant colour and awesome patten is hard to miss on the water.

Only a few weeks after having the board my new year plan was to compete in the Hayling Island race but unfortunately after having a bad start to the new year I did not get the practice in that I wanted to do to be able to compete in March.

My first outing was on a cold, windy Sunday in January (perfect time to try it). I was taken to a spot in Gosport to give my board a go and claim my free lesson. I learned a lot of techniques in my time on the water but never pushing it to much because I had no plan of falling in the icy water!

Months went by and the weekends were not spent paddling! Before I …