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So...Hello and Welcome to my first ever blog! 
I did have a good opening sentence about what this blog will be about, but as always the best ideas come when you’re trying to sleep and you say to yourself, I should write this down! Instead you convince yourself that you will remember it in the morning and stay in the warm, cosy bed and fall asleep. 
Well I think I will start with explaining the name 'Farraway'. As a child I had a love for graphic design and had a dream to have my own design company called 'Farraway Designs'. Farr is my family's name and my dad had a committee boat at our sailing club called 'Too Farr'. The use of our surname gave me the idea to use our name and create another play on words and that's how 'Farraway' was thought of, after many bad ideas! 
Therefore I am creating this blog so I am able to get all my thoughts and ideas down on 'paper' and to share with everyone. 
I hope everyone enjoys the read!