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3 words...I am hocked!

I had been looking at trying the new craze of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) for a while but never got round to it until the other weekend.

It all started when I went to the Southampton Boat Show and spoke to one of the guys on the Red Paddle stand who explained everything to me...I was close to handing over my card if it wasn't for the fact that I had just bought a house!

I went away with my brochure and that was all that was on my mind for the rest of the day and everyone I came across highly recommended it. This meant only one thing....I needed to try it first!

So knowing someone who has a few, I persuaded them to bring them down to the sailing club the following weekend and show me how it was done.

It was a beautiful sunny day and the water was calm, I was ready to give it a go! So I had a 2 hour lesson crammed into just 30 minutes and as I said above...I was hooked!

The thing I love about it so much is how relaxing it is. I have always loved the water and res…

I am back....

Well it has been a while since I started my blog and time has gotten away from me! A lot has happened over the last few a new job, new house, holiday to Norway and many more exciting things.

I hope to actually be able to keep this going this time and update on the different things I am learning how to garden!

For now this is just a hello and soon I will post an update on my holiday to see the beautiful Norwegian Fjords!


So...Hello and Welcome to my first ever blog! 
I did have a good opening sentence about what this blog will be about, but as always the best ideas come when you’re trying to sleep and you say to yourself, I should write this down! Instead you convince yourself that you will remember it in the morning and stay in the warm, cosy bed and fall asleep. 
Well I think I will start with explaining the name 'Farraway'. As a child I had a love for graphic design and had a dream to have my own design company called 'Farraway Designs'. Farr is my family's name and my dad had a committee boat at our sailing club called 'Too Farr'. The use of our surname gave me the idea to use our name and create another play on words and that's how 'Farraway' was thought of, after many bad ideas! 
Therefore I am creating this blog so I am able to get all my thoughts and ideas down on 'paper' and to share with everyone. 
I hope everyone enjoys the read!